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Game played over a year? Tell Your story.

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Promotion: Started as ROF, but resigned after 3 years to form a fed, but it sucked, and I quit. Size: Regional Money: 25.000, but stable ;) Prestige: +22%? Game Time Completed: 4 years Shows Completed: 48 (ROF=36) Best Show Booked: ROF Dead Lock (C+) 04/'09 Best Match Booked: Adam Matravers vs Burning Exile (B-@ Dead Lock ('09) Highest Attendance: other fed show (+/-1850) Highest Reputation: High with ROF Highest PPV rate: n/a Highest TV-show rate: n/a But now I started another career, and this seems to go a lot better. Best Show Booked: 5SSW Supreme Challenge Tour (01/'07) (B+) Best Match Booked: Crusher Ishihara vs Thunder Hike (A) (01/'07) Playin' for 3.5 months now, and I like it :)
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