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TEW2007 1.1 (Temporary Patch)

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Happy New Year, I am now releasing the TEW2007 1.1 Temporary Patch. There is a list of major changes at the bottom of the post. [URL="http://www.greydogsoftware.com/adamupload/TEW07_Temp2.zip"]Click Here To Download The Patch Here[/URL] [B]TO INSTALL[/B]: To install the patch, simply download the file and unzip the contents. You will find a file called TEW2007.exe. Cut or Copy it, and Paste it over the top of your existing TEW2007.exe file, which you will find wherever you originally installed the game (usually Program Files \ GDS \ TEW07). When it asks if you would like to replace it, say Yes. This is a patch for the commercial game only. Please do not try to install it if you are playing the trial, it will not work for you. For those who don't know, a Temporary Patch is something I release in advance of the "real" patch. This allows people to update their game and remove the bugs I have already fixed, without having to wait the extra few days until the official 1.1 patch is released. It only updates the game itself, it does not make any changes to your databases. The official 1.1 patch is set to be released later this week, and will include a CornellVerse update which includes many new title histories. [U]List of major changes[/U] - Turning off game areas did not fully delete stables and events - Pre-set contract momentum was being overwritten - Having no possible owners or head bookers in the database could cause a crash - Advance booked battle royals were not analyzed correctly - owner block could block development call ups - Re-signing to Short Term could be done for $25 - Workers could be blocked from appearing while waiting for other contract to begin - Certain combinations of road agent notes could cancel themselves out - File 002.tw7 could get removed during worker re-signings
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