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Falls From Grace

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After 25 years in my career and a few different stops, I've managed to take over Rutgers and turn them into a "High" prestige team over 10 years by winning a number of conf championships (the Big East gets no respect in my career as no teams ever start the season ranked). It lead me to thinking about the other side of the coin. Has anyone seen powerhouse teams really fall back. I don't think there is a way to look at prestige over the years but based on rankings/records over the years, here are two of my biggest falls from grace... Colorado- Top 15-20 (5 top 10 finishes) for 20 years... now a .500 team ranking in the 50-60s Miami- Top 25 team for 15 years (peaked @ #3)... below .500 8 of last 12 years (including 5 of last 6)
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