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TEW2007 Review @ Wrestling 101

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Overall Score : 9.5 / 10 Here's a glimpse: [I]Overall, TEW ’07 has taken it’s ground base and strived to hone it to achieve it’s mantra I handed it earlier of being the definitive simulation wrestling title, and I feel Grey Dog has succeeded in this. The sheer wealth of options available to the player, the way the title is hugely customisable to suit every nuance of the player and the great depth of the ‘Cornellverse’; all couple to present a thoroughly compelling experience. The learning curve can be steep particularly for those new to the world of the Text Based Wrestling Simulators ™, but once you throw your hat into the ring and let yourself free with all that is available here the potential to really reap what this game truly has to offer; the hidden depths discovered through searching every nook and cranny, there is so much to be entertained and thrilled by. The more time you invest in the title, the more that you will reap from it, and because of this it will keep drawing you back for more as you experience new thrills never seen when you promoted the little company in Kentucky with Red Dragon as your star.[/I] Find the entire review [URL="http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/VGReviews/903/"]here[/URL]. Enjoy!
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