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My first decent show!! :)

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I started a new game (my non-cheating game) with Ring of Fire and my first show, Lord of the Ring gets a C. Best score I ever got. [B]Pre-Show[/B] Merle O'Curle defeated Charles Minister (my e-fed character) C+ Petey Barnes defeated Mr Wright D [B]Actual Show[/B] Billy Robinson defeated Kelly Robinson E+ K'Lee Hawkins defeated Don Henderson D+ British Samurai defeated Walter Morgan C+ Jonny Highspot defeated UK Dragon for the Ring of Fire Championship C [B]News Article[/B] Ring Of Fire held ROF: Lord of the Ring last night in Norman Blue Athletic Centre, and drew 62 fans. The feedback has been awsome, [i]the small company has outshone some of the bigger promotions recent efforts.[/i] What I did differently is I gave no road agent instruction for any of the matches. My reason being ROF is trying to present a pure wrestling product so I thought I'd give pure results instead of deciding the winner. Each match was also a 1 v 1 Shoot Fight. I wonder if that helped. It feels good. Time to deflate my head!
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