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For those that try different mod scenerio's

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I have a couple questions. How many year's have you ever completed in one scenerio? Did it start to get boring, and you just wanted a change of pace? Would a Mod that utilized the full spectrum of years interest you, if it was an everchanging world? Example, let's say a fictional (or historical, if you can find it back then) mod that starts in 1824 (the earliest time you can start a mod), utilizing both worker, new worker, promotions, new promotions, etc... And going throughout till 2984 (the latest year you can make a mod, or worker to appear). With the ability to start it whenever you want to start it? I have been playing with some of the new toys on TEW2007, and found out a couple of things, although I haven't had an opportunity to try it out yet (as it wouldn't really be able to be, till after I have actually been able to get a good bit of it done. It seems possible, to give multiple entry's of workers and promotions (I don't know if you might have to make a slight difference in spelling yet, but you can surely work around anything that comes up), in both the New area and the normal data area's. SO bassically, if one was to do double the filling out, and put the worker's and promotions in both place's, with accurate times of debut/age's, etc... One could virtually start anywhere in time (within the games mechanics anyways), although a bit of work may be required at the start of the game for people that didn't debut at 16 (make them on Hiatus/left the bussiness or something, and wait for the new worker copy of him/her to debut). But shouldn't be that hard to do with the in game editor, and you could do it as.... Well, as needed or seen. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
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