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Player form and easier way to sort recruits

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I downloaded the demo and tried it through once. Compared to TCY, BB's user interface is so much better. Maybe I am biased because I am a big fan of worldwide soccer manager series but I really like the look of the UI, somewhat similar to that of WSM. Graphics IMO is very important to text-based sims, for the reason of clarity and wayfinding. After trying TCY and the dreadful EA Head Coach, I simply don't understand why the designers do so badly in UI. Going thru multiple screens to look for one little bit of data is tedious, not being able to sort info like they should is horrible. IMO these are the things that kill text-sim. After loading up BBCF, I could sense that the designers have spent a lot of thoughts in the UI and I really appreciate that. I really like how on the depth chart each position has its own column with the ability of players in colors. With a quick glance I could tell whether I need to move players around or what positions are particularly shallow so I could focus on recruiting effort. This lead to my first suggestion: 1. For recruiting, why not do something similar? Create a screen with each position having its own column like the depth chart. List the players you are recruiting in similar ways in their own columns so I could track how I am recruiting at each position with a quick glance instead of reading an excel type spreadsheet or flipping thru screens. On the same screen, I would also suggest listing the current players I have and their eligibility so I know which positions I need to target w/o going to another screen. 2. In the email received from your scouting agency, why not provide the option to click on the player directly in the email and go to the player card? WSM provides such interface. Almost wherever you see a name you could click on it and access the date instead of backtracking. 3. In the recruiting screen, where you have the ability to sort by stars, regions, interest, etc. I suggest adding modifiers in front of each sorting category. For example, if I click on "3-stars", there could be a secondary modifier like "and above", "and below", "only" (seeing 4+5, 1 to 4, and only 4 respectively) Again this is a feature with WSM. 4. I think I saw this on another post. The ability to customize sorting order is very beneficial. I want to sort the ability first, then interest, then region etc. like an excel spreadsheet. 5. Aside from recruiting, this feature (again from WSM) is very good: player form. While we know the current and potential ability of players, why not provide a player form number (how well they play) after each game so as manager I could modify the depth chart if my supposed star player is not playing up to his potential? The way WSM did it was each player has a form of 6 (out of 10) at the beginning of the game. After the match, if the player plays well, he could get a 8, or 10 if simply brilliant (like LT) Conversely if he plays horribly he got a 4. WSM tracks the form and provide a mean number throughout the season. I certainly don't know if this is difficult with the current game engine but I think people would love it. Well, that's all for now. I aven't purchased the game yet and I wanted to try out more before I do so but I am seeing a lot of potentials in this game, much better than TCY and EA/HC!! Keep up the great job so far!!
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