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[QUOTE]British Supershow Promotion 1PW Goes Into Liquidation Posted by: Daniel Edler - January 06th, 2007 Source: BritWres.com -- 1PW (aka One Pro Wrestling) in Doncaster, England, yesterday announced that they would be going into liquidation, ceasing operations immediately and canceling all upcoming dates (scheduled to be January 13th, January 27th and March 31st). -- The next date, January 13th was scheduled to feature the European debut of The Great Muta – this booking has now been taken over by Real Quality Wrestling (a promotion running in London, at the famous York Hall – [url]http://www.realqualitywrestling.com[/url]) for the day before, Friday January 12th. This is due to the flights for Muta, as well as his entourage, and fellow AJPW wrestlers Akira Raijin and Kikutaro, already being booked. -- 1PW debuted in late 2005 and proceeded to run several bi-monthly ‘SuperShows’, featuring once-off talent the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart, Rhino, Christian Cage, Lance Storm and regulars such as TNA’s Styles, Daniels, Abyss and many others. Up until recently ‘The King of Old School’ Steve Corino was the man in charge of the booking of the promotion, while the money side was handled by promoter and owner Steven Gauntley. In recent weeks, however, it had become apparent to those in the know that things were falling apart. With only a week to go until their latest shows, it was left down to Mitsunobu Kikuzawa (real name of the aforementioned wrestler, Kikutaro) to pay the $9,000 needed for the airplane tickets. Wrestlers booked such as Sterling James Keenen, Teddy Hart and Colt Cabana also were left without plane tickets being bought, even having been told just before the New Year to hold tight.[/QUOTE] Gutted really, but splashing out on all those stars, although it was meant to make their fan base grow real fast didn't work well enough and they paid the ultimate price.
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