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Help Nameing My Promotion


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I think this probly belongs here, but if not I am sorry. I am going to create my own wrestling federation using Smackdown vs. Raw 2006. It will be 100% created wrestlers, but they will be based on characters (like The Incrediable Hulk, Superman, Spiderman). Basically I am going to create storylines and everything else and using a converter that I own I will upload the matched to my PC edit them so they view like a TV show (removing th loading screens and so on), and then add my own commentary. I have found quite a few formulas for created wrestlers on the net but more are always appreciated. What I am really here for though is I need help nameing this thing. If you have any suggestions for the name of my promotion please help me out. If what I am saying makes no sense to anyone check out [URL="http://www.nodq.com/caw"[/URL] and you can get a sense of what I mean from there. Thanks to all that can help.
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