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Coach hiring suggestion

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A suggestion for future iterations of the game and maybe the pro game....during the coach hiring phase could we get an option to compare coaches together on the same screen? Much like in bowl bound where your OC/DC is listed in a column with their color coded bubbles...could we get something where i could drag and drop potential coaches next to my current coach so i can compare them...the best would be to have multiple slots so we could compare multiple possibilities at once. ALSO for the pro game....Please make the draft more like that of TPF than that of your previous business partners Pro basketball game. I very much dislike the way TPB sorts players in the draft...makes it very difficult in my opinion to find a guy your looking for. Please look into listing the players as in TPF(or having the option to list players) by their GDS and or Team scouted overall rank/abilitiy regardless of position.
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