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Question About Pushes

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Yeah, a Personality is pretty much any worker who isn't anything else. People who appear on screen, but not in any defined roles. Examples in reality would be any of the Legends in the Legend Killer angle (except the ones who actually wrestled Orton. They'd be Occasional Wrestlers. But the one-nighters that he RKO'd or spat on, would've been Personalities). The Diva Search girls (during the actual diva search). Anyone who's employed, and needs to be in the game for some reason, but isn't actuall on-screen. Like Paul Heyman. He needs to be in the game because he's one of the most influential figures in wrestling history and is still active, but he's currently paid to sit at home doing his own thing (he's basically paid by the WWE to not work for TNA). So he'd be a Personality (I'd actually say that if they aren't on-screen, they should be "Not Assigned Yet" instead. But I don't know if they'd be annoyed with that ¬_¬). Backstage interviewers might also count (they're not really announcers (unless they also do announcing). Also, that annoying redhead in TNA who pops up before the ad breaks to tell you what's coming up. That's all she seems to do (is that Christy Hemme?). Also, in the editor, Authority Figures would be Personalities. Because there's no Authority Figure push in the editor.
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