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List of Working Mods

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[QUOTE=HugeRockStar760;181466]That's not what he's asking for...Only a small percentage of people who buy this game do so for the CornnellVerse.[/QUOTE] hhmmm...... i would tend to disagree with that statement the Cornellverse is actually suprisingly popular, but anyway i think that is besides the point, i think Steam Odin was probably just being flippant! To be honest with you superstarjimC i think it will proabably take a little while longer for mod's to be released. There are very few knocking around at the moment. I think LukieP's pureso mod is nearly complete, plus there is an almost complete mod by woodsmeister, if you are compiling all the mods into a resource Pm'ing those guys might be a good starting point.
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