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Perfect Show Theory

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I've been running a federation called EWR, which started at Cult. Unfortunately three months into the game, it crashed and I lost it all, but I had a record of overness changes, so what I did was edit the game to go into the right month, and altered overness to continue. In the first game, I started off slowly, trying to book perfect match theory, but my cards were underwhelming considering the talent. So I changed to TEW 2005 booking and I started to get successful, going International and then Global. However in this new version where I edited the Database to April and changed the overness. I continued to book like I did, but my cards have been getting very low ratings, with matches between over Sean McFly and Over Bryan Vessey getting a C-! Before the game Crashed, Samoan Machine vs. Sean McFly get an A*. Should I go back to booking perfect show theory? Also, Angles used to be my downfall in shows, but in this game, Angles are the best parts of my shows. I don't seem to be able to get above B- unless I get great chemistry. My Fed has these stats. 1 vs. 1 - 70% 2 vs. 2 - 20% Triangle - 5% Four Way - 5% Match Ratio - 70% Minor Match - 10mins Medium Match - 14mins Main Match - 22mins Match Intensity - 60% Match Danger - 70% Women's Wrestling - Division T&A Levels - None Face/Heel Divide - Medium Traditional - None Mainstream - Medium Comedy - Low Cult - None Risque - Medium Modern - Key Feature Realism - None Hyper-Realism - None Hardcore - Low Lucha Libre - None Pure - None Daredevil - Low Thanks
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