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Here's the official 1.2 update: [url]http://www.greydogsoftware.com/downloads.php?id=70[/url] To install, simply unzip the file "TEW2007.exe", cut it, and paste it over the top of the existing version of the file (which will be located in the folder in which you originally installed the game, usually Program Files\GDS\TEW07). The demo and main install have also been updated. [U]List of major changes[/U] - Issue with development deals disregarding pacts - Tournament titles for players not clearing holder properly - Buy out decisions could hang - Multi man tag "live" booking only went to four characters - Some work done on TV decisions - Allowed editing of player character - Issues with number of dates on a contract - Event importance glitching - Addition of Integrated option for Women's wrestling - Ex-champion naming could be blocked - Four way dances could be blocked in storyline writing
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