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Question About Punishment/Discipline...

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So Edd Stone no showed an NOTBPW PPV where he was advertised to face Dark Angel, the next day I went to suspend him for the month (to possibly kick the bad boy attitude that he has early) and it says "0 days left to act" rather than the usual 7 or whatever. It still allows me to pick suspend, but then I get the email (or possibly I had it before I did tried, I dunno) "Edd Stone has returned to the promotion." Now, is the reason I couldn't suspend him because he's the son of the owner (which would be the obvious reason, as reality would suggest) or is it some sort of glitch/error? I'm assuming/hoping it's because he's the son of the owner, as that adds tons of realism to the game however I just want to make sure. Thanks. Edit - Well apparently despite it telling me he was now back, Edd Stone is still suspended. Atleast thats what it tells me under why he is unable to work that taping. So all is well, disregard the rest of the post.
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