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Somewhat strange mod idea: Cornell Comics

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OK, I've seen people doing comic book themed mods, and I wanted to do one too. Then I thought, how can I make mine different from everyone else's? WELL, for a while I've had a project where I take real-world wrestlers, mostly those from the WWE/WWF past and present, and re-imagine them as superheroes and villains, powers and all. I've been thinking of doing something similar w/the Cornellverse, re-writing bios and using a graphical design program called Heromachine to do new pics. I'm looking for contributors for reimagined bios, character alterations,a ny kind of ideas and feedback. As of now, I only have the demo for 07, but that's all one really needs for file editing, right? For examples of how I've done this with WWE workers, please see the Yahoo group at [url]http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/WCE_Archives[/url] The place has been dormat for a bit, but it should give you a good idea.
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