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Sabu - One More Try

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[QUOTE=D. Boon's Ghost]Isn't that supposed to be Don Kernodle? ;)[/quote] Shhhhh. No one has to know. [QUOTE=D. Boon's Ghost]Congrats on the PPW tag team titles, btw - Simmons seems to make a great partner, as far as the contrast between the two.[/QUOTE] Simmons and Sabu seem like a great team, thinking about how they'd work together is an awesome thought - because it'd be like a Highflyer and Brawler type thing what could both mix in some good hardcore moves. [QUOTE=captainlou]Sheik & Simmons could be a great team there. What have they named the team?[/quote] Like I said, they're a great mix. They've been dubbed as "Team Explosion" [quote=captainlou]Also, you should love wrestling in WCCW. Fritz seems to push the newcomers pretty good.[/quote] Hopefully that's the case. :) [quote=captainlou]What spot on the card are you starting at. With WCCW being a cult sized promotion I would think that you would be coming in as either Enhancement Talent or Opener.[/quote] Started as an Enhancement talent, but with the winnings of the PPW Tag Team Titles I jumped up to 30 overness and now am an Opener. Thanks for all the feedback, and lou - you're post just graced my first diary ever to reach 100 posts. Thanks to all that's read.
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