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College Player Numbers

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This is another thing that drove me nuts about the NCAA series. After a few years of recruiting all the receivers would have numbers in the 80's and most RB's would be in the 20's. The NFL has the number rules, college does not. Here is what I would like to see. QB's - (1-19, very rarely from 20-25) RB's/FB's - (1-49) WR's - (1-49,80-89) TE's - (1-49, 80-99) O-Line (50-79, tackles more than likely in the 70's) D-Line (any number, more often that not 50-99) LB's (any number, more often that not 1-59 or 90-99) DB's (1-49) K's/P's (Any number thats left over :))
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