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"Winning Attitude"

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Another thought: "play for winner" ratings--not just in terms of recruiting, but in terms of performance. Have guys who come from elite high schools have a higher chance of getting discouraged and not developing as well if they have a 3-8 season, for example. This thought came to me after a conversation this week with a highly-regarded prospect's dad. As he was talking about the unlikely prospect of his son going somewhere without a strong winning tradition, he commented that the kid has no idea what it is like to go 3-8. Tucker is 36-4 since he's been in high school; his middle school team went 6-0, and his dad said his teams rarely lost in youth league football as well. He doesn't think Asher has lost more than 7 or 8 football games in his entire life, and he's not sure how he'd respond to losing that many in a single year. For some guys from winning programs, have them bring in a winning "mindset" if they go to a losing program, but for others, have the losing mindset of his school to really drag him down. It would be cool to have a couple of 3-star prospects from top-flight high schools go to, say, Memphis, and really make a big difference because they bring a winning attitude with them.
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