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  1. Taking a little break from MAW, I had time to whip up a couple random renders: Acid Crockett Tubbs Flash Savage
  2. Ha! It's been a challenge putting these cards together with such a small roster, especially after that first show. Everyone basically lost except Ozzie, so who's going to challenge for the title?
  3. FTW Undisputed 2020 Preview Dead Man Walken vs. The Masked Mauler VII Dead Man Walken is a 22-year-old hardcore brawler from Boston who is making his FTW debut at Undisputed. The Masked Mauler VII will be looking to bounce back after losing the #1 contender match to Conner Threepwood at last month's Blackout event. High Velocity vs. The Swagger Club FTW's two new tag teams both suffered losses at Blackout. Both High Velocity and The Swagger Club are going to want to avoid leaving this event 0-2 in the tag division, but only one team can walk out victorious. Ace Youngblood vs. Justice Jolson Justice Jolson has had Ace Youngblood in his crosshairs since Youngblood eliminated him at January's inaugural event. Jolson was promised a rematch if he didn't interfere in Youngblood's title match last month. Jolson kept his word...and saved the beatdown for the post-match. It didn't go way Jolson wanted, as he was knocked unconscious by a chair shot from Lazy Joe. Crime & Punishment vs. Williams & Honeyman The feud between these two tag teams began in January, when the two babyfaces managed to score a flash pinfall on the heels. Crime & Punishment hit back at Undisputed by brutally assaulting Ben Williams. Will this match put the feud to rest, or will it continue to fan the flames? FTW World Championship: Ozzie Goldstein (c) vs. Conner Threepwood Heel champ Ozzie Goldstein had his first successful title defense last month against Ace Youngblood. Now it's time for Conner Threepwood to get his second chance at winning FTW's top prize. Prediction Key: FTW Undisputed 2020 Dead Man Walken vs. The Masked Mauler VII High Velocity vs. The Swagger Club Ace Youngblood vs. Justice Jolson Crime & Punishment vs. Williams & Honeyman FTW World Championship: Ozzie Goldstein (c) vs. Conner Threepwood
  4. FTW Blackout 2020 Friday, Week 1, February 2020 Attendance: 87 Honest Frank welcomes the crowd to FTW Blackout! He begins by congratulated Ozzie Goldstein on his title win. But he also adds that he saw the match and it goes without saying that if Jolson didn’t show up, Ace Youngblood could very well be holding that belt tonight. Now, he didn’t give Youngblood a DQ win because clearly Jolson was there to attack Youngblood, not to assist Ozzie. And a no contest wouldn’t work because someone was walking out of Loaded the FTW Champion. So tonight, Ace Youngblood is going to get a rematch against the new champion. Finally, Honest Frank issues a warning to Justice Jolson. If Jolson interferes in the match, there will be consequences. Just then, Jolson is seen heading to the ring as the crowd boos. Jolson gets on a microphone and says that Honest Frank would be pissed too if he was robbed the way he was at Loaded. Then Jolson gives his word that he won’t lay a hand on Youngblood during his match tonight, under one condition: he gets a rematch next month. Honest Frank says if Jolson stays out of the match, he’ll see what he can do. [42] Garry and Jolson put on a good match to get the crowd warmed up. Garry was no match for Jolson, who put him away with a Death Penalty in 8:05. [30] Kid Fantastic and his new tag partner Extreme Deluxe had great chemistry teaming together in this match. Unfortunately for them, Crime & Punishment pick up with win after Cip Conduit pinned Kid Fantastic. [36] The two finalists from Loaded hit the ring in a singles bout to determine next month’s #1 contender. Mauler’s powerful style wasn’t enough to overcome Threepwood's mat skills, and Threepwood got Mauler to submit to the Stretch Plum in 13:34. Conner Threepwood will face the winner of tonight’s title match next month. [39] In a good tag match with standout performances from Remmy Honeyman and Quentin Queen, Williams & Honeyman picked up their second win after Ben Williams pinned Quentin Queen in 12:27. [35] After the match, Williams & Honeyman celebrate their second victory in a row. The crowd seems to be getting into their celebration, so the two babyfaces each get on a turnbuckle and face the audience. But behind their backs, Cip Conduit and Mercy Michaels creep into the ring. They attack Williams & Honeyman at the same time, sending both men down to the warehouse floor. With both men down, Cip Conduit holds Remmy Honeyman’s head up and makes him watch as Mercy Michaels viciously attacks Ben Williams with a pair of brass knuckles. Williams is left in a bloody heap with Honeyman checking on him as Crime and Punishment leave the scene. [28] Ozzie enters the ring with his new FTW World Championship title. He gets on the mic and starts by saying he wouldn’t want to get on Crime & Punishment’s bad side. He looks at the crowd and says this is the most boring, lifeless crowd he’s seen in his 15 years as a wrestler. He points out a guy in the audience who is actually asleep! Then he goes into tonight’s match. He says that even if Jolson didn’t come anywhere near the ring last month, he still would have won the title. Why? Because he’s the best wrestler here. The crowd starts booing him, and he shakes his head. He says not to take it the wrong way. Youngblood is still good, he’s just…second best. Before he’s finished, Ozzie promises to put Threepwood away next month after he’s finished with Youngblood. [38] Ozzie and Youngblood worked the best match of the night, with Ace Youngblood showing off his hot new move and Ozzie showcasing his aerial and technical moveset. It was a close match, but Ozzie got the win by hitting the Golden Shower and pinning Youngblood in 16:20. [41] The bell rings and Ozzie grabs his belt. Then he points toward the entrance and motions toward the ring. Justice Jolson heads down, eyes fixed on Ace Youngblood, who is just getting to his feet. Jolson gets into the ring and charges Youngblood, but Ace sidesteps and sends Jolson over the ropes. Ace follows him to ringside and the two men start brawling. The brawl spills into the crowd with Ace somehow holding his own. Suddenly, Jolson charges him again and one more time Ace gets out of the way at the last second. Jolson runs right into an audience member who is sleeping in his chair. Jolson gets to his feet, as does the now-awake spectator who is none other than… Lazy Joe! Jolson turns his attention toward Youngblood while Lazy Joe folds up his chair and SMACKS Jolson across the back of the head, knocking him out cold. [29] Final Show Rating: 40 Predictions: DinoKea: 5/5 Schmoe II: 5/5 Wrestling Machine: 5/5 KyTeran: 5/5 Leaderboard: Schmoe II: 10/11 Wrestling Machine: 10/11 DinoKea: 9/11 KyTeran: 8/11 Everyone nailed their predictions for this show! I'm gonna have to pull some swerves on the next one.
  5. FTW Blackout 2020 Preview Garry The Entertainer vs. Justice Jolson Justice Jolson may have lost his qualifying match at Loaded, but he certainly made his presence known. After assaulting referee Jez McArthuer and interfering in the four-way title match, Jolson is looking to build some momentum against the young charismatic Garry The Entertainer. Garry is once again pitted against a much bigger opponent, so he'll have to be strategic if he wants to earn his first FTW win at Blackout. Crime & Punishment vs. High Velocity After losing to Williams & Honeyman last month, the Smug Thug and the Crazy Bastard are scheduled to face one of two new tag teams in the FTW. High velocity is Kid Fantastic and new signee Extreme Deluxe . Both wrestlers use a high-flying style and bring an energetic, party atmosphere to Brooklyn. #1 Contender Match: Conner Threepwood vs. The Masked Mauler VII The first two finalists to get eliminated at last month's main event will get their shot at redemption this February. Threepwood brings 15 years of in-ring experience to the table, and his blue collar hero persona has won him over with the Brooklyn crowd. Mauler is much younger, but his natural talent is obvious. He also has the size and ferocity to take down even the most seasoned veteran. The Swagger Club vs. Williams & Honeyman After losing his singles match last month, Quentin Queen has returned to Brooklyn with a new friend in 19-year-old rookie Zippy Deverell. The two are scheduled to compete in tag team action as The Swagger Club. Their opponents Williams & Honeyman look to build on the momentum of their win against Crime & Punishment at Loaded. FTW Championship Match: Ozzie Goldstein (C) vs. Ace Youngblood Since an interfering Justice Jolson played a role in how events unfolded at Loaded, Honest Frank has ordered a rematch between Ace Youngblood and the new champion, Ozzie Goldstein. Will we get a clean match this time, or is Jolson still looking to settle the score? Predictions Key: Garry The Entertainer vs. Justice Jolson Crime & Punishment vs. High Velocity #1 Contender: Conner Threepwood vs. The Masked Mauler VII The Swagger Club vs. WIlliams & Honeyman FTW Championship: Ozzie Goldstein (C) vs. Ace Youngblood
  6. Flash Savage could end up making an appearance down the road. At the moment, he's in Mexico so it'd cost an arm and a leg to put him on the roster. He really is the full package! Easily the best free agent around the Tri State area when you start a new game. Ozzie is gonna have his hands full as champ. I wonder how long his reign will last?
  7. That Jolson is a real turkey! Honeyman has decent pop, just not quite as much as Ace or Threepwood. But I like the idea of pairing him with Williams as a couple of underdogs teaming up. He’ll probably get some singles matches—he was the top performer on the show.
  8. FTW Loaded 2020 Brooklyn, NY Friday, Week 1, January 2020 Attendance: 84 Honest Frank kicks off the show by welcoming the crowd to FTW’s opening event. He hypes the eight-man tournament and explains that the winners of the singles matches will face off in a four-way elimination match to determine FTW’s first World Champion. He adds that he doesn’t want to short-change the fans by only giving them five matches, so they’ll get to see some tag team action, with the tough brawlers Crime & Punishment squaring off against veteran technicians Williams & Honeyman. [41] Before Honest Frank can officially start the show, Garry The Entertainer makes his entrance and grabs the microphone. He tells Frank that he’s doing a great job of getting this crowd pumped, but he needs to turn it up to 11. Garry proceeds to do a five-minute stand-up routine, cracking jokes at the expense of just about every wrestler on the card tonight. The crowd eats it up until the lights go black…and The Masked Mauler VII makes his entrance. [38] FTW World Championship Qualifying Match Despite Garry’s "Entertainer" persona, he can actually hold his own in the ring with his brawling and technical skills. Unfortunately, he can’t quite match up to Mauler’s size and ferocity. Mauler hits Garry with a piledriver and gets the win in 9:41. [32] Quentin Queen makes his way down to the ring and picks up a microphone. The Q Man says he’s not surprised the crowd looks so miserable, Brooklyn in January just might be the coldest, most miserable place on Earth. He says that after he’s done with Threepwood, he’s getting paid and catching his first flight to Miami. Not that he needs the money. [30] FTW World Championship Qualifying Match The two man have a back-and-forth match, with Threepwood showing off his technical prowess while Queen dazzled the crowd with flashy moves and strikes. The fighting Irishman got the best of the Q Man, however, making him submit to a stretch plum in 15:07. [45] Ozzie Goldstein takes his time on his way to the ring, making eyes at every woman in the crowd who’s there with a date (so not that many). That earns him a shower of boos and jeers from the male portion of the audience. He hops on the mic and spends a few minutes insulting the crowd, Brooklyn, New York, and America. His promo gets the job done and generates plenty of heat. [37] FTW World Championship Qualifying Match Kid Fantastic and Ozzie Goldstein put on a match that’s packed full of high-flying action. While Ozzie is more polished and experienced, Kid’s raw talent is undeniable. Ozzie got the best of Kid, hitting him with the Golden Shower and getting the win in 10:08. [41] FTW World Championship Qualifying Match Without a doubt the biggest man on the FTW roster, Justice Jolson doesn’t waste time gaining a clear advantage over Ace Youngblood. Jolson seems to be controlling the match almost the entire time. Everytime Ace looks like he’s going to make a comeback, Jolson uses his size and power to beat him back onto the mat. Justice finally hits his finisher, The Death Penalty, and goes for the pin. Just before the count of three, Ace gets his foot on the rope. Jolson becomes irate and powerslams referee Jez McArthuer before laying more punishment on Ace Youngblood. When McArthuer gets back on his feet, he rings the bell and awards the match to Ace via DQ at 10:39. [26] With the DQ decision, Jolson loses his mind and charges McArthuer. McArthuer ducks under the ropes and gets out of the ring just in time for Honest Frank and Coyote Dynamite to get to the scene and diffuse the situation. Meanwhile, Ace Youngblood gets to his feet and stares Jolson down. [32] Tag Team Match Crime & Punishment appeared to have this match under control before things descend into chaos at around the nine minute mark. Mercy Michaels and Remmy Honeyman start brawling outside of the ring, and Ben Williams takes advantage of the confusion by rolling up a stunned Cip Conduit for a flash pinfall in 15:18. Cip and Mercy seem dumbfounded by the loss. [36] Honest Frank heads to the ring carrying the FTW World Championship title belt. He tells the crowd that one of these four men will have the honor of being the first ever FTW champion. [45] FTW World Championship 4-Way Elimination Match The four finalists each bring their own unique wrestling style to the match. Ace Youngblood eliminates Mauler first, and Ozzie gets a sneaky pin on Threepwood. It's down to Youngblood and Goldstein. Ace is about to put Ozzie away with a Flying Tomahawk Chop but a still enraged Justice Jolson bursts into the ring and starts pummeling him. Jolson hits Youngblood with the Death Penalty, glares at Ozzie for a second, and then leaves the ring. Ozzie goes for the cover and gets the three-count to become FTW’s inaugural champion. [44] Ozzie grabs his belt and holds it up for the crowd to see. The small Brooklyn audience hurls obscenities at him, but Pretty Boy Ozzie just feeds on the hate. He climbs the turnbuckle and soaks up the heat as FTW’s top heel. [39] Final Show Rating: 43 Predictions: Wrestling Machine: 5/6 Schmoe II: 5/6 DinoKea: 4/6 KyTeran: 3/6
  9. Everyone's on a handshake deal. I'll be going into debt but I have 18 months to make a profit and get out of debt before FTW gets closed down. My entire roster costs around $500 per show.
  10. FTW Loaded Preview Friday, Week 1 January 2020 Brooklyn, NY FTW World Championship Qualifying Matches Garry The Entertainer vs. The Masked Mauler VII Conner Threepwood vs. Quentin Queen Ozzie Goldstein vs. Kid Fantastic Ace Youngblood vs. Justice Jolson Tag Team Match Crime & Punishment vs. Williams & Honeyman FTW World Championship Four-Way Elimination Match ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???
  11. Titles FTW World Championship Ozzie Goldstein January 2020 - February 2020, 1 defense Major Stars Ace Youngblood - Ben Williams - Cip Conduit - Conner Threepwood - Extreme Deluxe Garry The Entertainer - Justice Jolson - Mercy Michaels - Ozzie Goldstein - Quentin Queen Remmy Honeyman - The Masked Mauler VII Stars Kid Fantastic - Zippy Deverell Tag Teams Crime & Punishment - High Velocity The Swagger Club - Williams & Honeyman Personality, Owner & Head Booker Honest Frank Referee Jez McArtheur Road Agent Coyote Dynamite
  12. FTW: No Sleep Till Brooklyn Nigel "Honest Frank" Harriet Nigel Harriet is—according to himself and most in the scene who know him—an East Coast indie legend. After starting his career in the 90’s as Frankie Future and capturing two XFW world titles, he went on to become a four-time NYCW Empire champion as “Honest Frank,” a name he continues to go by even after he retired from in-ring competition. Over the past year and change he’s been a hand-for-hire, helping out on local indie supercards in the New York area. But as we head into 2020, he’s decided to be a little more ambitious. He’s going to start his own promotion: Full Tilt Wrestling Size: Insignificant Based In: Tri State, USA Product: Classic Sports Entertainment FTW will start from the very bottom. Zero popularity. Zero prestige. Zero momentum. And $0 in the bank. The goal is to take FTW from the bottom of the trash heap to #1 in the Company Wars. How long will that take? Who knows.
  13. Some new MAW renders: Tyrone Gray Trix Triumph Jonah Pilgrim The Past Masters: Sandman Winks & The Historian
  14. WOW dude thank you for this! I thought I was going to have to go through each worker individually or just not do it but this looks like it'll make things way easier.
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