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  1. Haven't made a drop in a while so here's something a little different I threw together last month.
  2. Youngster, I was spitting them out 1 minute each and that's strip bg, add bg, download, resize and convert to jpg then post here. 30 in 30. Y'know... uphill, in the snow, both ways... 🤪
  3. Allow this but ban just about everything else WWE related...
  4. Decided I wanted to see what would happen if I did a prompt for WrestleMania. What gets me is it screws up the text almost every time we make logos or belts and a lot of times very badly but these it did almost perfect with the only mistake being X on two when I put XL.
  5. Created a bunch of generic logos by cutting suggested names from the TEW editor. Reduced to game size for posting so I wouldn't create an obscenely long post. Added to my google drive with full size for anyone that wants to add a logo and/or use them. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d6lg-eMXZnlAEo7YYm4PgL1CFYXItIMQ?usp=sharing
  6. This gave me the idea for a couple of Australia exclusive events. I know the last one has a small typo but I liked the image too much to ditch and I'm sure there's someone out there that can fix it.
  7. A couple generic "Bash at the Beach" logos. You can use it for Bondi Beach to Myrtle Beach or any beach in between.
  8. Brother, I've shared thousands and maybe a dozen were C-Verse specific.
  9. Took the name of a music festival that took place in Charlotte and made it a Wrestling Event.
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