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  1. Signed Jarrett to a written deal so this must be before Jerry Jarrett's deal with Vince Sending Jericho to the Power Plant, probably to improve. Storm could fit in if I can get Developmental Fed started and stocked up with talent. Going to see if I can find a way to get any kind of heat with el Gigante before I part with him.
  2. (Eric Bischoff meets with his newly formed booking team of Dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross, Paul E Dangerously and Ole Anderson) Bischoff: In front of you are a list of things we need to cover that I want us to make happen and that needs discussion Diamond Studd/Vinnie Vegas Push Finish for Sting/Luger at The Clash New Talent Big Signing Company/Talent Profile Bischoff: Looking to begin pushing Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as their current characters. I’d like to get the tag belts on the Steiners by the end of the summer. Let’s push Studd and Vegas as a team and work toward a championship match between the teams in the fall or maybe even Starrcade depending on what kind of heat we can get for this matchup in the build up. We need a name for Studd and Vegas as a team. Ideas? Dusty: Is Dally still going to manage them, Baby? Bischoff: That’s the plan. I want to get some heat on all 3 of them in the coming weeks. Dusty: Dally’s little group is the “The Diamond Mine” How bout “The Diamond Club” for Scott and Big Kev? Paul E: “The Sin City Studs?” or “The Diamond Connection”? Dusty: “Sin City Studs”, I like that, Baby. Bischoff: Let’s do it. Ok, as you know, I’ve put Luger vs Sting on the Clash card instead of the PPV as I have worked out an early release with Luger since he is so unhappy. We don’t need his attitude poisoning the other guys. So Sting is going over and is going to be the face of this promotion Ross: Clean pinfall finish? Bischoff: NO…..I want Luger to tap to the Scorpion Death Lock. Dusty, you’re going to be the agent for that match. You can work out the details. Ole: Do you think Luger is going to need to be persuaded to do business this way? (Clenching his fists) Bischoff: Lex and I have an agreement. I don’t think he is going to give us a problem. (smiles) Bischoff: Now, I have signed some young talent. Chris Jericho, Jeff Jarrett are a couple of youngsters. We are going to send them to The Power Plant along with Marcus Bagwell. I have my eye on a lot young guys that Dusty, Ole and I have been looking at signing. I am looking at starting a smaller promotion, maybe only locally in Atlanta where these young guys get a lot of work and some tv exposure. “Power Plant Wrestling” PPW. I’d love to have some progress on this by the end of the year. Maybe I can even Ted to give us a late night slot on TBS Bischoff: I have signed a very big name in the business. He’s going to play a big role and may end up being able to fill the void left when Flair left last summer. No offense, but I am keeping his identity a secret for now. I don’t want any leaks getting out to the dirt sheets. But, this person will debut, unannounced, at The Clash. Bischoff: Finally, Dusty and I have broken down where exactly we stand as a company as far as top talents, and our strengths. Bischoff: I am a little concerned about the Main Event scene after Luger leaves. I want to add some depth as far as Main Event talent goes. As far as "Franchise Players" go, I think we'll be able to add Vader, Austin and definitely my "Mystery Signing" to this list.
  3. Week 2 January 1992 World Championship Wrestling Venue: Mississippi Coast Coliseum Location: Biloxi, Mississippi Attendance: 8,577 Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Jesse Ventura Schiavone: WE ARE 2 WEEKS AWAY FROM CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS XVIII!!! The Match has been signed. Lex Luger will defend the WCW World Championship against Sting! Ventura: That’s right Schiavone! And WCW Commissioner, Dusty Rhodes has also declared that Stunning Steve Austin will have to defend his World Television Title against Barry Windham at The Clash of the Champions Current Clash of the Champions XVIII Card -WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Lex Luger © (with Harley Race) vs Sting -WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Natural Dragons © vs Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton Schiavone: Our Main Event this week on World Championship Wrestling has Stunning Steve Austin defending his Television Title against Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. Segment 1: Singles Match “Flyin” Brian vs Terrence Taylor (with Alexandra York) Winner: “Flyin” Brian via Air Pillman Schiavone: And Missy Hyatt is out here. She came out last week after a “Flyin” Brian win. Ventura: I think Missy has eyes for Flyin Brian, Schiavone (Brian looks at Missy, shakes his head and walks past her as he returns to the locker room. Missy has a determined look in her eye) Segment 2: Tony Schiavone interviews Paul E. Dangerously and Stunning Steve Austin Schiavone: Steve Austin, 2 straight matches vs Barry Windham and then vs Johnny B. Bad, you have been counted out, what some would say intentionally, when your back was against the wall, in order to retain your WCW Television Title. What do you have to say for yourself? Paul E: OBJECTION “YOUR HONOR”! Badgering the witness. My client does not need to take the easy way out Mr. Schiavone. We do not appreciate your tone, SIR! Austin: When you’re as good as Stunning Steve Austin, you don’t have to take the easy way out! And I won’t have to take any shortcuts tonight against that pathetic excuse for an opponent in Ricky Steamboat. Do you understand me? Segment 3: United States Tag Team Championship The Steiner Brothers vs The Young Pistols © Winners: The Steiner Brothers via DQ after Tracy Smothers hit Rick Steiner with the US Tag belt Segment 4: Backstage Vignette of Sting talking about his match at the Clash of the Champions vs Lex Luger Sting: Luger, you were a good friend. But when you aligned with Harley Race, you turned your back on your friends and the fans. At Clash of the Champions, that World Title is going around my waist for all of my little Stingers. Segment 5: Singles Match Mr Hughes w/Harley Race vs Ron Simmons Winner: Ron Simmons via The Dominator (Out of nowhere, Vader attacks Simmons from behind. Hughes, Race and Vader stomp on Simmons. Race and Hughes clear out of the way and Vader lands a Vader Bomb on Simmons) Schiavone: What is this all about?? Is Vader being managed by Harley Race? Ventura: I would say that looks like the case Schiavone. I love it! Segment 6: Main Event for the WCW World Television Championship Ricky the Dragon Steamboat vs Stunning Steve Austin © with Paul E. Dangerously Steamboat lands his Dragon Fly Press, has Austin pinned but Paul E puts Austin's foot on the rope. Steamboat exits the ring to chase Paul E, Arn Arnderson and Bobby Eaton along with Rick Rude appear and jump Steamboat. Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham and STING hit the ring to save their friend Schiavone: Austin escapes another near loss of that World Television Title Winner: Ricky Steamboat via DQ END SHOW 411,394 viewers on TBS
  4. (Bischoff sits in his office at WCW Headquarters. His secretary buzzes him) Secretary: Mr. Bischoff, they are both here. Bischoff: Send them in. (Diamond Studd aka Scott Hall and Vinnie Vegas aka Kevin Nash walk in) Bischoff: (Shakes both of their hands) Gentlemen, first off, thank you for your help and your presence for my meeting with Mr. Luger. I think you both being there convinced him that doing business was in his best interest. (Hands each man an envelope with $5,000 in them). Let’s keep our arrangement between us. There may be occasions when I need your presence again. We don’t need the boys in the back knowing about this. But, this is going to lead to more for you both. I am going to see to it that you both are pushed as a tag team and I want those tag team belts on you by the end of the year. And I see BIG singles pushes for you both down the road. Nash: Alright Mr Bischoff. Whatever you need. Hall: I’ll do whatever you need. I appreciate the opportunity Mr. Bischoff. Bischoff: Please, my friends call me Eric. I’ll see you both at TV this week.
  5. Monday January Week 2 (Eric Bischoff meets with Lex Luger at a dive bar just outside of Atlanta. Eric is 2 beers in, sitting in a booth in the back corner of the bar. Luger enters the bar, Eric is annoyed as he sees that Luger is empty handed. Luger sits down) Bischoff: Where’s the belt ? Luger: I don’t want your belt Eric. I am hanging on to it for security. Once my contract is up next month, you’ll get the belt, without a shadow of a doubt Bischoff: Oh no, no, no. You’re not going to hold me up. I wired a $100,000 advance in good faith last week. You’re ending your hold out, you are coming to Clash of the Champions and you are dropping the belt to Sting. Luger: I don’t think that is going to happen, Eric. Sorry Bischoff: I guarantee you it is going to happen or I am going to destroy you to the point that no one will hire you ever again. Luger: Excuse me? Bischoff: (Opens briefcase) Pulls out a folder and hands it to Luger (Luger Opens File) Lex Luger WCW Medical File Luger: Fine. You win. Bischoff: That’s right, I win. Fedex MY BELT to my office. If I don’t have that belt on my desk in 48 hours, I will make sure this report hits all of the dirt sheets and newsletters. (Eric stands up, lays a $20 on the table) Don’t ever fu*k with again. I’ll see you at Clash of the Champions (Bischoff walks out. In the other corner of the bar Luger sees Scott Hall (Diamond Studd) and Kevin Nash (Vinnie Vegas) follow Bischoff out and they get in a car with him and drive off
  6. WCW Main Event Sunday January 1992 Week 1 Georgia Mountains Center 2.180 Attendance Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Magnum T.A. Segment 1 The Diamond Studd w Diamond Dallas Page defeats the Italian Stallion w Diamond Death Drop Segment 2 Recap of World Wide match with Austin vs Windham where Rude saved Austin from being pinned Segment 3 The Wall Street Express w Alexandra York defeat the WCW Patriots Segment 4 Tony Schiavone interviews Ricky the Dragon Steamboat who takes on Larry Zbyszko in the Main Event this week (Steamboat says he is tired of the unprofessional, cowardly tactics by Paul E Dangerously’s Dangerous Alliance and that he will beat Zbyszko tonight and The Natural Dragons (Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes) will beat Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton and retain the WCW World Tag Team Championships at Clash of the Champions XVIII in 2 weeks) Segment 5 Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Larry Zbyszko Winner: Ricky Steamboat via DQ after Rick Rude, Steve Austin and Arn Anderson attack him as he had Zbyszko pinned. (Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham arrive for the save and the Dangerous Alliance flees to the back) End Show Segment 5 WCW Television Title Match: Stunning Steve Austin © w Paul E Dangerously loses via intentional count out to Johnny B. Badd Segment 6 Main Event: Ricky the Dragon Steamboat defeats Larry Zbyszko
  7. WCW WorldWide January Week 1, 1992 Georgia Mountains Center 2,156 Attendance Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes Tony Schiavone: Our Main Event this week on World Wide, Barry Windham will take on Stunning Steve Austin for the WCW Television Title Segment 1: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Arn Anderson w Paul E Dangerously Schiavone: Arn Anderson costing Steamboat the match yesterday on World Championship Wrestling was quickly granted a match with Arn Anderson here today on World Wide (Steamboat has Anderson ready to be pinned when Bobby Eaton hits the ring and attacks Steamboat! DING DING DING, the ref calls for the bell and Steamboat wins via DQ. Dustin Rhodes hits the ring to make the save of his co-tag champ partner vs the former champs) Winner: Ricky Steamboat via DQ Segment 2: Tony Schiavone interviews Barry Windham (Windham says he plans on walking out of here tonight as the Television Champion and that he, Sting, Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes are going to band together and stop the Dangerous Alliance recent rise in WCW) Segment 3: Brian Pillman defeats Terrence Taylor (Missy Hyatt comes to ring side to watch the match, she is making eyes at Pillman) Dusty: Tony, I think Missy’s a lil sweet on Brian Pillman, Baby (Pillman walks past and ignores Missy after the match) Segment 4: Vinnie Vegas defeats Z-Man with the Snake Eyes Winner: Vinnie Vegas with the "Snake Eyes" Schiavone: Oh my, Z-Man looks injured. Medical personnel entering the ring to help out Tom Zenk. A scary, scary moment right now Segment 5: Main Event: WCW Television Title: Stunning Steve Austin © vs Barry Windham Schiavone: Windham with the LARIAT CLOTHESLINE! HE HAD AUSTIN DOWN FOR THE PIN!!! 1, 2, 3……NO , Rick Rude!!! Rude pulls Austin out of the ring by his feet. Now, the ref is counting Austin out of the ring, 7,8,9, and 10…..Windham is going to win by count out. Windham had the Television Title won but Rick Rude saves Steve Austin. We’re out of time! Winner: Barry Windham via count out End Show
  8. Richard Morton and Thomas Rich. I created the name of the team. They are members of the York Foundation.
  9. World Championship Wrestling January 1992 Week 1 Freedom Hall Civic Center Johnson City, TN 7.048 Attendance Schiavone: Welcome to the Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City, TN. This is World Championship Wrestling! Please welcome me in joining my NEW broadcast partner .....Jesse The Body Ventura! Jesse: That’s right, Schiavone. The best in wrestling are in WCW so it is only fitting that Jesse the Body is here. Schiavone: Let’s go to the ring! Segment 1: Stunning Steve Austin defeats the Italian Stallion Segment 2: Ron Simmons defeats Terrence Taylor with Alexandra York Segment 3: The Steiner Brothers defeat The Wall Street Express with Alexandra York Segment 4: Schiavone interviews Barry Windham (Schiavone talks about the Dangerous Alliance growing stronger. Windham says he plans on taking one of those belts away from either Rude (US Title) or Austin (TV Title). Austin comes out and tells Windham he can’t beat him OR Rude and says he’ll slap Windham around if he doesn’t shut his mealy mouth. Acting Commissioner Dusty Rhodes comes out and says Windham will face Austin on World Wide Wrestling and if Windham wins, he’ll get a shot at the TV Title at Clash of the Champions in 3 weeks. Austin and Paul E Dangerously are incensed!) Segment 5: Rick Rude, Steve Austin and Paul E Dangerously interview backstage (Dangerously says Dusty Rhodes can’t just come out and make his guys face guys Rhodes likes and then storms off camera. Rude says it doesn’t matter who you throw at us, The Dangerous Alliance is the biggest thing in WCW and it’s only going to get stronger) Segment 6: The Diamond Studd with Diamond Dallas Page defeats Arachnaman Segment 7: The Junkyard Dog defeats Sgt Buddy Lee Parker Segment 8: Sting interview: (Sting talks about Lex Luger, he is interrupted by Larry Zbyszko who talks about the Dangerous Alliance's dominance and calls himself a legend. Sting says he's beaten legends before and would love to beat another one) Segment 9: Beautiful Bobby Eaton with Paul E. Dangerously defeats Ricky The Dragon Steamboat after Arn Anderson hit Steamboat from behind End Show .46 TV Rating (349,154 viewers)
  10. Week 1 January 1992 Things are tight lipped coming out of the WCW camp under the new leadership of Eric Bischoff. However, PWI has learned that Bischoff wants to make WCW profitable, quick. He is expected to add more PPV events to the schedule and is also not happy with a talent roster near 60 in ring performers and wants to trim that number to closer to 50. The Lex Luger situation is also paramount to Bischoff to get resolved. There is concern that Luger could leave the promotion as the champion as Ric Flair did last summer and take the WCW Championship belt with him. Bischoff does not want that to happen and is trying to talk Luger into finishing out the final month of his contract. Luger is all but done in World Championship Wrestling.
  11. Monday Week 1 January 1992 (Eric Bischoff holds a meeting. Present are Dusty Rhodes, Ole Anderson, Paul Heyman and Jim Ross) Bischoff: Gentlemen, thank you for coming in so early in the morning. As you know, Lex Luger has given notice to WCW that he intends to leave the company. Ole: That son of a bitch. No talent. Just a physique. Bischoff: He's our World Champion. You all will be a part of our booking committee where we will work together to come up with stories and to also handle how we deal with issues like this for television purposes. How do you propose we handle this? Who are we going to put the belt on? Ross: Eric, I think you can only put the belt on Rude, Steamboat or Stinger right now. I think those are our 3 guys. I think Austin gonna be something but it ain't time yet for that. I'd say Stinger. Dusty: Thtinger, Barry Windham, Rude, Thteamboat. What about big Vader, Baby? Eric: I can't say anything yet, BUT, I am in negotiations with a top name in the business to join the roster as a wrestler. But I don't think we will get a deal done in time to make it work to get him in the World Championship picture before the Super Brawl PPV. Also, we are close to landing a couple of very experienced guys as far as behind the scenes to help us with booking. Big names, a lot of experience and I am very close to landing a huge name to join us to do color on our broadcasts. A-Lister in the wrestling business. Ole: Just a regular wheeler and dealer, aren't you, Bischoff? (Ole gets up and walks out) Eric: That jack ass is not going to last long with me! Ross: What about giving the ole cowboy a call? Bill Watts. He's not working. He wants to get back in the saddle. He's got a lot of experience. I can give him a call. Eric: Call him. Set us up a time where we can talk on the phone. Otherwise, we will talk at the TV tapings this week and decide how we will handle the Luger situation. A match, a tournament, so on and so forth. (Everyone gets up and leaves the room, Heyman stays behind) Paul E: Eric, I am willing to do WHATEVER you need done to help behind the scenes. You got a bunch of stubborn good ole boys that just left this room. They are going to be hard to deal with. Eric: Thanks Paul. That means a lot. Let's get to work
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