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  1. So this week I managed to get TITAN Factory Wrestling completed, as well as the rebranded Grimm National Wrestling. GNW are difficult as they needed to have a lot of backstage issues and such, but one's that anyone who takes them over should have a chance of fixing. Even if it involved mass firings lol. I hope I have managed to walk that line anyway, but hey, why would you take over a company full of untalented drug addicts who were recently being booked by a guy who knows nothing about wrestling unless you wanted a challenge!? Updated completed promotions list SWF TCW USPW BOH RSW NYCW PSW CZCW IPW FCW KFW DAVID RIPW B-WILD TFW GSW/GNW And new promotions FZCW GCWA GCWF GCWL GCWM GCWT
  2. Ok fine, one small spoiler as I am feeling the love for him Papa Swoll is in fact a former RSW World Heavyweight champion!
  3. @El Dragon honestly, so much of that sounds really interesting and great ways to go forward into 2026! You have got a few of things correct, if not 100% spot-on you are at least in the ball park! The one thing I will say if sometimes being really elaborate can be a bit hard - there are narratives I've had to cut simply because there is limited space in bio's to get it all across in detail. So there is some stuff in what you have said where the end result is correct, and I sort of like the idea of people being able to fill in the blanks on how it got there (if that makes sense?)
  4. Thank you! and go for it...although not sure how long it will take for you to find out if you were right lol My only issue with predictions is too often I'm like "ah man, I should have done that!"
  5. Funny you say that, here's the bio: Raze (Bork Lazer) was a standout football prodigy regarded as a future star in the sport. Unfortunately, his career was cut short after a series of concussions, followed by a steroid scandal that saw him and several of his colleague's names tarnished. Bork became a distant memory and a "what if", until he appeared at the TITAN Factory as a trainee, where Dread immediately took to the young prospect's immense physical gifts and size. Bork signed with TFW in 2020 and spent three years building up experience, before head booker King Bison started moving him up the card. In 2025 he won the TITAN Factory Tag Team titles alongside their biggest star, Druss. That helped him significantly, and following the departure of The Horror he has started being used in the main event scene. Rumour has it both TCW and SWF are keeping a close eye on Bork’s progress.
  6. Honestly, things change so much that it can be hard to remember what was original plan, what was changed. Even just things like when I set up rosters I have certain guys move promotion, but when I am writing their bio it just feels...wrong, or uninteresting. The TFW was Raze, he went to TCW originally, but when looking at his bio and stats as I worked on TCW it just felt...wrong. I could see TCW hiring him...but he felt like someone who deserved to be an important member of a roster.
  7. I just thought I would give some insight into how annoying mod making can be. I completed TITAN Factory Wrestling over the weekend - I was satisfied, but it wasn't amazing if I'm honest. Was some changes, but not a lot. I then did a six month test run and found that TFW didn't book four on their least over workers once in that time - I guess their shows weren't long enough to find room for unimportant rookies. So that information made me think about what to do - so I decided they needed a smaller roster, which means I had to find reasons for some guys to leave. To cut a long story short TFW are now at war with another company, which meant I had to get rid of 5 TFW wrestlers, while the other company lost 3. I then repackaged 4 TFW workers, which also meant three extra face turns, four heel turns. I also had to remove a guy from a third company too as I THEN decided it was a war that should include a few local promotions! Had to change some guys to face in the other company. These changes also meant 5 title lineages had to be changed, one had to be changed five times I had to undo some Hall Of Fame stuff for TFW, including who would headline shows, championship reigns etc. I had to delete all TFW starting storylines, which I'll have to redo Added one guy back to TFW who would have previously started in TCW. I have to redo maybe a dozen bio's, luckily I hadn't got to the other company yet 3 Stables now don't exist and one has to have bio changed, so more work I did for no reason TFW are now COMPLETELY different to how they started, BUT I think they are in a much more interesting position. Out of TFW's five most popular babyfaces, only two of them were babyfaces in TFW yesterday, one of which wasn't even in the company Will be two days work simply because I wanted TFW to book unknown youngsters to help them develop, and wanted them to be a bit more interesting if anyone uses them! So yeah, just a peak at the work that can go into releasing a mod lol
  8. Quality older renders are always appreciated, both of those are great! The other two as well obviously, especially as they are a bit "different" with the paint and the gimmicks!
  9. First, since that other post I have been informed it is Thursday, not Friday! Second, there are a group of GCW's, but I regret to inform you that there will only be five on the extended version, on the smaller version they will be merged together. But they work really well in testing, so it is a shame to see some go!
  10. 2026 Update Just thought I was give a small Friday afternoon update on how the work is going for the 2026 mod. Things seem to be going quite smoothly, which is always good. As always there will need to be some extra testing before I release the American beta, but I am happy with what I have seen on the brief testing I have done. Below is the list of completed promotions so far SWF TCW USPW BOH RSW NYCW PSW CZCW IPW FCW KFW DAVID RIPW B-WILD And new promotions FZCW GCWA GCWF GCWL GCWM GCWT
  11. ZEN only hire free agents and their own graduates, so I'd recommend opening dojo's for both too. The good thing with ZEN is you can take any random free agent and give them any stupid gimmick you can think of, so anyone can be a decent hire as long as their gimmick gets over, and if they flop they still gained experience from working in the company so it's a win-win.
  12. Hello, lavelleuk. You are the first person (that's if nobody reads the public feed before you, since it said you couldn't receive messages) to know that I am in the process of creating an original mod called The GoldVerse, which is actually supposed to be released in chronological order. I'm working on the first edition for 1985, and the plan is for new mods to be released for 1993, 1997, 2006, 2016, and the last one in between 2025 - 2028. But that's if I keep consistency in releases in this mod. But I was wondering if I can make all worker renders come from each and every free picture in your AltCverse 2022 mod, and who should I also ask for permission? I saw the mod wasn't freeware on be the booker, so that's why I'm asking. But I'm only gonna use your free worker renders, as I created all the logos using paint 3d, and/or bing ai already.

    1. lavelleuk


      I didn't know you could post on people's profiles! I also didn't know I couldn't receive messages, which is strange as I do get messages usually

      That is fine with me as none of it is my work, but I did ask people to use them. I can't remember exactly who were the renderers and who were belts, but there is a lot of people to cover to ask permission. I know some have an open "anyone can use" policy, and some others might not even be active anymore unfortunately.

      I will list below, good luck with your mods!

      willr0ck, king bison, shipshirt, poputt, sockpuppet, undertakes666, cqi13, munit, praguepride, kamchatka, lloyd, asaemon, wonk, london, smw88, willywillywilly, jtlant, brat99, blackman, southside_hitman, ewanite, reaper, properly_promoted, christian_shane, j_silver, esteel20, BestForTheBusiness, Mammoth, Croquemitane, WalterSobchak, Ironfist, Cooldude, Fleisch, Somedude, boxofwhispers, CreeperGav, Sisma, Redwalrus, ElChorizo, theeaglexiii, PSX, GreatreDRagon, John Lions, Hollywoodshinebox, Wrenegade 

  13. I had a great save with SNP, I think in the '18 version though. Backstage rating quickly down to 0, so many fights, drugs, fallings out as I just let it all happen haha
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