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  1. Bro.  Your renders are absolutely fire and are breathing so much life into my save.  Just know that the more you make the happier you make me, the happier I make my family.  Truly God's work you are doing.

  2. Rest of the batch I worked on. Not super happy with the Raven Nightfall ones, but eh, Karen Bilous - Kira Lee - Melody 1 - Melody 2 - Nami Genda Raven Nightfall 1 - Raven Nightfall 2 - Rika Tsujimura - Rina Kasahara 1 - Rina Kasahara 2 Ruby Reece - Sabrina Wells - Sara Marie York - Serena Ventura - Skye Hermosa I had started doing some work on managers/non-wrestlers plus a few alts, but haven't had the time to cut them yet.
  3. I do. I might finally set up either a burner Google Drive or an ImgBox to put all my PNGs in there. Probably will work on it later this week. And here are some more women of the CVerse. Lot more alts in this batch, but man some of these are pretty damn good. Alicia Strong 1 - Alicia Strong 2 - Amy St. James - Asami Okubo - Aud Valkyrie Black Diamond - Candy Floss - Chitose Ariwara 1 - Chitose Ariwara 2 - Ellie de Grazia 1 Ellie de Grazia 2 - Emiko Miyoshi - Faith McGee 1 - Faith McGee 2 - Glorious Gloria Gypsy Rose - Hoshiko Tagawa - Jaime Quine - Joana Silver - Joy Ryder Juliet Balconi - Kaori Mochizuki - Kaori Takenouchi 1 - Kaori Takenouchi 2 - Kaori Takenouchi 3
  4. The calm before the Thanksgiving storm, I've tackled more and more women in the CVerse. This is mostly the remainder of the CWA gals. I like all of the TVerse rips in the CVerse, so I probably won't touch those. So got an insane amount of them done, just gotta place them on backgrounds tomorrow. Also not super thrilled with the Laura Flame and Sally Anne ones, so probably gonna try those again. Demelza Wade - Jessica Conroy 1 - Jessica Conroy 2 - Laura Flame 1 Laura Flame 2 - Lauren Easter - Lauren Easter (The Boss) 1 - Lauren Easter (The Boss) 2 Maria Guest 1 - Maria Guest 2 - Nadia Snow - Nadia Snow (The Ice Queen) Natalie DiMarco - Sally Anne Christianson - Sandra Shine - Zoe Ammis And a random loosie from the cuts.
  5. Coming in with more alts. Random assortment, but mostly 5SSW/QAW gals. Not a huge fan of some of the males (Jack Bruce and the Cornells are alright, Edd Stone is maybe the roughest looking 34 y/o ever, and Fox Mask has been on the retired Al Snow "vitamin" diet) and I'll probably retackle them one day, but figured someone may get a kick out of the styles. The women renders, however, I really, really like a lot of these, especially the Otsune Tsumura ones. Alexis Lee Littlefeather - Amber Allen - Ariel Breaks - Brooke Tyler 1 - Brooke Tyler 2 - Chiyeko Kita 1 Chiyeko Kita 2 - Chiyeko Kita 3 - Edd Stone (Old?) - Edward Cornell - Eri Sato - Etsuko Arihyoshi Fox Mask 1 - Fox Mask 2 - Hellcat Hernandez 1 - Hellcat Hernandez 2 - Honey Badger - Izzy Quick Jack Bruce - Lioness Mushashibo - Little Miss Sunshine - Lucas Mucas - Otsune Tsumura 1 - Otsune Tsumura 2 Shiori Jippensha 1 - Shiori Jippensha 2 - Sonnaz Shah - Teresa Perez - Thea Davis 1 - Thea Davis 2 Toku Kijmuta - Tommy Cornell - Vixxen - Yukiko Matsumara - Yuma Maruya 1 - Yuma Maruya 2
  6. Decided to take a crack at a couple of the "Yet To Debut" CVerse folks. Didn't realize how little there are. Also took some liberties with the bald guys because I mean c'mon there are 500 of them in the CVerse. Allie Perks - Chaz Hayter - Gulliver - Lone Wolf Lucy Stone-McFly 1 - Lucy Stone-McFly 2 - Mellow Flashhart Felt criminal that Lucy didn't inherit the McFly grey streak and liked both these renders a lot, so she gets two. Not super happy with the Chaz one, trying to figure out how to get a more rugged look, also tried to include "toothpick" into the prompt and it just put the toothpick through his lips, so, nope on that I guess. Also a loosie got made from Allie Perks that I really liked, so here's a freebie generic too
  7. Through the power of prayer mostly. But I'm not totally sure honestly. I usually do "Create a forward-facing DAZ3D-style render of [blank]. Portrait. Landscape format. White background." and get my usual results, so I suspect maybe it has to do with me including "forward-facing" into the prompt? I feel like that part forces the engine to not put the lighting anywhere goofy. Though if I get a bad string of gens, I'll include "No lighting on the face" or "No shadows on the face" sometimes.
  8. Rest of my leftovers since it is a high demand day on ChatGPT zzzzz. Dipped back into the CVerse pool for a sec too. So them first! Cheetah Boy - Lisa Bowen - Lisa Bowen (Jefferson Stardust Era) - Trix Triumph Generics
  9. Been a minute since my last dump of generic wrestlers, so here we are. I'm half-tempted to make my own thread just to keep a pinned opening post with an imgbox account for all the PNGs because I'm not always the best at positioning + inconsistent lighting, but idk. Anyways, here's some leftovers.
  10. ChatGPT has been sort of a pain in the ass today, that DDoS attack + rolling out a new interface at the same time is brutal, so smaller batch of people to use. You can tell when I like a specific style and want to make like 50 variants of it.
  11. I'd say about 85% of the time this prompt usually knocks it out of the park for me: "Create a forward facing DAZ3D-style render. White background. Portrait. Landscape format. [Description of person]". Sometimes I try to be detailed, other times not so much. Like for the turtle girl, my exact prompt was "Create a forward facing DAZ3D-style render. White background. Portrait. Landscape format. Caucasian woman with a neon green mohawk. She has a headband that has turtle designs on it. She has a green tank top she wrestles in that is also turtled theme. Goofy smile. Green eyes." I was going to try and make a quick one as an example, but ChatGPT/Dall-E are acting weird after the DDoS attack today I guess, at least for me.
  12. Dropping off a few logos and a mixture of wrestlers, commentators, staff, whatever else. Spent a lot of time trying expressions and gestures and props. RENDERS LOGOS
  13. Yeah I was thinking bout that in regard to the logos when I did the ROF one. Now watch me repost these and they look identical Good call on the logos tho, they definitely look better now. Idk what I was smoking thinking that GLORY one looked good tiny like that. I think the belt does look better now too? After using Photoshop for like 10 years now your post finally inspired me to figure out how to resize by pixel vs. just free handing it.
  14. More generic renders + some logos. I'm still trying to perfect the positioning of these guys sometimes because so much cool stuff gets cut out sadly. Half-tempted to make a thread, but also really lazy. Anyways, here we go! oh and uhhh
  15. That Robbie Wright one wowza. Looks fantastic. Alternate reality charismatic Matt Sydal.
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