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ALPHA-1: Thank You For Subscribing!

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I've seen a few great diaries that are done in a website format, and it really inspired me. So I thought to myself, yeah! [U]The Idea[/U] It's 1996 and you have just got hooked up to the internet via a beatiful dial-up connection. ALPHA-1 is looking to branch out into other markets, and thanks to the internet, can do so without even staging a show there. alpha.jp was born in 1995 at the beginning of the internet boom. Currently the internet is doubling in size every single year, with 1996 about to become the first year to out do that! ALPHA-1 advertising boffins decide that it would be a great idea to build an English language website, in the hopes of attracting attention from GAMMA fans. You stumble across alpha.com when typing 'MMA' into the extremely new Yahoo! search device. You immediately fall in love with the website (despite it taking several minutes to load), and decide to sign up to the email subscription service (at no cost). It's been precisely 20 minutes, and you have just recieved this automated response... [CENTER][IMG]http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/8582/86195546sg4.png[/IMG][/CENTER]
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