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New OOTP 2008 League (Rosters as of 1-1-2008)

Mike Lowe

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Courtesy of the commish: -------------------------------------- The ISL is opening it's doors. The International Sim League is an OOTP 8 league that will use Cubby Fan's most up to date 2008 rosters. The league will start on 1/1/08 and go right through FA into the season. Owners will be randomly selected to pick their teams once 30 owners sign up (so no first come first serve). If you are interested in joining, visit our site at [url]http://www.theislleague.com[/url] and join/post in our forum under new owners. The forum link is [url]http://www.theislleague.com/forum[/url]. feel free to AIM Bobby at ISLTwins or email him at [email]rjw45@upb.pitt.edu[/email] if interested. ---------------------------------------- Cubby's latest roster is very solid. I love the fact that even the 30th person to join the league could have their top choice in teams. Bobby also runs our FOF league which has been terrific: [url]www.cyberfootballleague.com[/url]
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