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Development/Training Camps

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I really liked being able to purchase smaller promotions to make as my "child" promotion to help with development. But I would like to see a feature much like was in I believe it was TEW 04 where I could open a devo camp/promotion for a fee and upkeep cost. And the ability to assign a booker and who to push, just in general more control over your parent company would be nice. I also LOVED the feature from 04 where you could open a training camp strictly for your promotion and assign trainers for it. This would make sense to bring back seing as how most promotions have their own training camp and the graduates usually have a intro deal with that promotion. My two cents, either way CAN'T wait till the journal starts much less comes out :D Thx edit: well i feel silly, seems these have been suggested, well my vote is in.
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