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More effective defense

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What defenses work best against particular plays or types of plays? I researched my next opponent USC and every time they line up in weak formation they run a flanker screen, usually for a big gain. What's the best counter to that play? I would think 4-3 pass short zone but I don't really know. It's frustrating how the AI can run the same plays over and over for big gains but if we call an outside run on 2nd and 9, even a play we've never run before and it gets stuffed for a 2 yard loss and the play by play reads "it's like the defense knew what was coming." The AI cheats. They get more yardage out of their good plays, dramatically more yardage, even with inferior personnel, and less loss on their bad plays. The AI has fewer turnovers, fewer penalties, makes every 47 yard field goal and returns every kick to the 35. I want to love the game, and work hard at it, but I go 5-7 year after year.
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