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PTSCF Starts it's 5th Season

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Congrats to the Georgia Bulldogs coached by Joe Vines. For winning the PTSCF Recruiting for 2010. We are now at the beginning of the season. Team Budget and Scouting Report. Please feel free to check us out and if interested just email me at: [email]genie2369@hotmail.com[/email] With (1) Your full name, (2) name of team, (3) a four digit password. EX. "1234" There is still some very good teams left. The top 10 there are 7 teams avaliable. Come An Check Us Out: [URL="http://ptscf.net"][COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="7"][B][I]PTSCF.Net[/I][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/URL]
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