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Snapshot: 2002 Gamma

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Have enjoyed reading others posts on how their game has gone, so here is mine. I am Gamma with all patches / updates (including the db update). Game Time: 5 years 10 months Events: 65 TV Shows: 27 Matches: 785 Titles (Including holder when started) Lightweight Current Buddy Garner 21-5 (1 defence) Previous Champions: Ricardo Fernandes 26-13 (3 defences) Gabriell Gallego 23-7 (0 defences) Charlie Stiles 17-9-1 (2 defences) Sean Morrison 15-9 (8 defences) Probably my weakest division. Morrison was injured badly after his 8th defence, missed two years and since coming back has dropped 6 fights in a row!!. Welterwight Current: Julio Reguiro (2) 21-2-1 (0 defences) Previous champions: Randy Carlsley 15-5 (0 defences) Jack Humphreys (2) 24-5 (5 defences) Noach Van Der Cappelan 19-9 (0 defences) Julio Reguiro (1) (4 defences) Jack Humphreys (1) (5 defences) Reguiro has been the standout, dominating all, especially Humphreys. Middlewight Current: Fernando Amaro (2) 26-6 (5 defences) Previous champions Petey Mack 17-9 (1 defence) Uwe Maier 18-3 (1 defence) Davis Spyrou 21-11(2 defences) Matthew Dean 17-9 (1 defence) Amaro is a pain, really struggling to dethrone him. Uwe Maier should be the man, but can't generate enough interest for a rematch so poor Maier has to bide time. He is on a massive rip so losing to Petey Mack 7 fights ago. Light Heavyweight Current: Mike Watson 16-0 (10 defences) Previous champions: Niccolai Mickowicz 16-7 (1 defence) Anthony Letoussier 22-13 (0 defences) Zanovir Asonovic 21-10 (1 defence) Watson has been unstoppable!! His has improved more in the last two years, his last 3 or 4 all being first round demolitions. I just managed to get Roberto Aldez from Alpha, which should be the next match. Heavyweight Current: Aleksander Ivanov 12-2 (3 defences) Previous champions: James Foster (3) 29-5 (3 defences) Lefter Oktay (2) 16-5 (0 defences) Khro Duangjuan (1 defecne) James Foster (2) (3 defences) Lefter Oktay (1) (0 defences) Raul Hughes 21-6 (0 defence) Foster has been king for long periods, but new boy ivanov looks the goods. Big test next against Rav Kapur, after demolishing Foster for 2nd time. Hall of Fame: Dan Halvorsen Karen Curtis
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