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I honestly dont know if these have been posted but i would really love to see added to the game, 1.) [b]Realistic ratings[/b] for television and ppv's, right now the wrestling business isn't that great perhaps like 30% right now into it's productivety, so i wondered if that was going to be added in the new game that for intance would we get realitic ratings that depending how strong the market is (like i said e.g. 30%) would that accumilate to e.g. Raw scoring the best possible score of a 3.8 as a flagship, 3.0 for Smackdown as the secondary show and 2.0 for ECW (and the rating can go up demending on market strength). and as the business level goes up so does the chance of ratings? 2.) [b]Jumping Ship[/b] If you sign a wrestler or member of talent from your closet rival promotion for e.g. TNA sign Carlito, then i think it would be cool for TNA to be able to push that member of talent to the moon to help them get some ratings.
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