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A week from now

Guest Ransik

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I make pro-wrestling history... and no one will ever acknowledge it, which really sucks. I won the ETWA Canadian Championship on March 11, 2006 and on February 12th I will be one day past RVD's reign as ECW TV Champion making me the longest reigning Champion in the last 15-20 years. But since we're not "big enough" to be considered worth the record books, no one will ever say anything about it. I on the other hand will use it to my fullest advantage and make a huge heel turn. Cause honestly, who wants to cheer the babyface who wants everyone to be proud of him when they can boo the hell out of the heel who rubs it in everyone's faces? I'm even going for a new look. I dyed my hair bleach blonde.... well... its kind of yellow now but in 3 weeks I can finish it. And now that I think of it... what's going on with BCW? Last I read Abyss was the longest reigning Champion going today but I heard they shut down in July, is this true? Cause if it is... my post means nothing. :D
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