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First off I want to thank Adam Ryland. For not only making this game, but a ton of great games all the way back to EWR. MMA is the next great conclusion in your series, I love all the characters and the layout. I only have a few problems and I think they are more to the fact that I'm not to smart with a computer. My first problem is all the layouts and the pictures are off center. For example to start a show I have to just randomly click on the screen into a blue area to find it. I have that problem all over, but am able to get over it pretty easily. I just know that it's not how it should be, so if anyone can help me configure it and fix it thank you. I also have the same Vista crashing problem, just so your aware. It dies after about an hour or more. It also will mess with the internet, not sure about any other programs though. My last question is when a patch or add-on comes out, will it be as easy as EWR. I bring them into the data file and change them? Or because computers are a little smarter know a day they will just add them auto? Thanks again, and Rav Kapur is #1.
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