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Here's a small one, I think it'd be cool if you had to book location for your events ahead of time. Doing it at the last minute sort of ruins realism, and their could be pluses and minuses of booking in the same state on the same night as a Regional or National Rival. Another small one is the ability to give people the night off, by telling them not to show up at the arena. Or maybe even bringing back the ability to give workers a week off at a time. My last idea I made over in the TEW 2007 suggestion board for Excursions and would like some opinions. I think it'd be great if for Japanese promotions, you and the workers have the ability to send or request for an excursion to a certain Dojo or promotion. Of course the request promotion would have to accept, I think this would be an awesome feature, as it is an important part of the growth of a lot of Japanese wrestlers. I think the worker should be available to ask for(or promotion request the worker to take an excursion) Before their respect level hits C-. Then any promotion or Dojo outside of Japan would be open for them to be sent to.
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