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[QUOTE=The Humanoid Typhoon;413278][B]EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING:[/B][/CENTER] Hostile City Showdown: Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero ©[/URL] (ECW World Television Championship)[/QUOTE] Class match! Really class! One of the first proper technical matches I ever watched and enjoyed at a young age. Truly awesome. [QUOTE]Born To Be Wired: Sabu vs. Terry Funk ©[/URL] (ECW World Heavyweight Championship, Barbed Wire Match)[/QUOTE] Awesome. Heyman's reason for never booking another was apparently 'cos this one was so good. [QUOTE]Hardcore Heaven 1997: Sabu © vs. Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk[/URL] (ECW World Heavyweight Championship, Barbed Wire Match)[/QUOTE] Again, fantastic but this was NOT a barbed wire match; standard three-way that started the whole controversy of the term three-way-dance. [QUOTE]Heat Wave 1998: Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu ©[/URL] (ECW World Tag Team Championships)[/QUOTE] I actually thought this was a letdown. Particularly the table spot at the end is poorly timed. [QUOTE]Living Dangerously 1999: Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam ©[/URL] (ECW World Television Championship)[/QUOTE] The match that both inpired and sh*ts on anything the X-Division has to offer! These two [I]were[/I] ECW by the end, man. Such as shame Van Dam got injured. [QUOTE]Guilty as Charged 2000:Rob Van Dam © vs. Sabu[/URL] (ECW World Television Championship)[/QUOTE] I'll actually go out on one here and say the RVD/Bigelow match was better. Those are the ones most worth mentioning/downloading, in my view. Quote The Raven Nevermore
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