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Big Poppa Kev: A Tale of Triumph and One Liners

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I am creating my very first diary, based around an original character and his fist person point of view of the industry around him. This will be simmed on TEW 07 then moved to 08. This one will be different from the others, and though it will be another WWE diary, it wont sim everything. It wont sim the entire show, but how my character, Big Poppa Kev performed I'll try and keep as many elements of TEW as possible however, and it may be fun to look for little EW easter eggs. Like I said before, it will be narrarated by him in the style of a novel. A story of a young rookie, who overcame the odds to get where he is and who needs to overcome the odds to get to the top in an industry filled with politics and butt kissing. It will however, treat the storylines and the matches like legitimate contests. Chapter 1 will start out weeks before Wrestle Mania and end around Wrestle Mania of the following year. I really hope you enjoy this character and my diary!
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