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Of Cocaine & MMA: Internation Shoot League From Colombia

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[size=4][b]Card for ISL 1: Oberto vs. Anzai[/b][/size] [i]From [url]www.thefirmofmma.com[/url][/i] [b]ISL Welterweight Title: Marcelo Oberto (8-3) vs. Korekiyo Anzai (6-1)[/b] [i]The first ever title match for the ISL looks to be great. Both Oberto and Anzai are in form fighters who boast very good winning records. Both men are pretty evenly matched, and the Karate vs. Submission styles look to make for a nice clash. If this goes to the ground, Anzai will have the win, but if Oberto manages to keep the fight on their feet, he'll have a better chance of winning. [/i] The Firm's Pick: Anzai by Submission in 3 Blurcat's Pick: Anzai by Decision [b]Darin Blood (2-0) vs. Xie Ming (3-1)[/b] [i]This is two up and comers who are looking to prove something to the administration of ISL. It looks as if as long as Blood can defend against Ming's deadly kicks, he should have the win. [/i] The Firm's Pick: Blood by Decision Blurcat's Pick: Blood by T.K.O. [b]Bret Clement (2-2-1) vs. Datuk Ong Ka Ting (0-0)[/b] [i]Ting is a promising blue chipper who has yet to fight in a match. He was very much hyped throughout the past year while he was in training and he's said to be the "next big thing". He is fighting his first match in ISL, against Bret Clement. If Ting loses this match, he can kiss his MMA dreams behind.[/i] The Firm's Pick: Ting by TKO in 2 Blurcat's Pick: Ting by Decision
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