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I am currently working on a mod titled Blueverse. Its a cornellverse mod scheduled for release around the time the game comes out. I have had some trouble coming up with a good backstory for the mod so I decided to get some ideas from others. It will be like a contest to see who can come up with the best backstory. The winner will be mentioned and given credit in my mod. Here's a little info on the mod. I have mostly added wrestlers so far. [U]Australia[/U] Finlay McLean Aidan Barker Zak Lord Hayden Lambert Natasha Byrne Chelsea Palmer Sophia Norton Jasmine Welch Rhys Tomlinson Norton, Welch, Tomlinson are also part of a much talked about relationship since Norton and Welch are bisexual lovers who are both dating Tomlinson. [U]USA[/U] Kiera Connelly Andrew Kendall Allan Kendall Crescent Graham Freeman Corey Darby Darby is a big star emerging on the american scene. He is an Olympic medalist. Freeman is a MMA promoter (See WMMA Dubverse) who is moving to wrestling as a owner. [U]Japan[/U] Okato Takara Fakuda Will be adding more Japanese fighters down the road. Fakuda is a former sumo wrestling who was never beaten. Now looking to take over world of wrestling. [U]Canada[/U] Baraka Not much to say here since Baraka never speaks.
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