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WWE: A McMahon in Every Brand

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The room was silent. Vince McMahon headed up the table, flanked on one side by his son Shane and Vince's wife Linda, and on the other by daughter Stephanie and her husband HHH. The gathered writers and bookers sat in awe. As ruthless and imposing as each was seperately, as a unit they were unstopable. They were family. Vince was the first to break the silence. "Thankyou all for attending," he said, his granite like expression giving nothing away. "As you are all aware, the company has been in somewhat of a holding pattern over the last couple of years. We have tried to shake things up with a few big storylines but none have quite worked out for... various reasons. Thats why we have asked you all here today." Stephanie was the next to speak. " If there's one thing this family knows, its how to evolve and adapt. If we stand still, we die, and the wrestling industry along with it. Change is in the air whether you like it or not..." Shane, noticing the gathered masses shifting nervously in their leather seats, interupted his sister. " What we are trying to say is that we live and breathe this business every day and we expect the people around us to give the same level of commitment. With that in mind, we have decided to restructure the company." Not wanting to be upstaged at his own meeting, Vince once again took control. "I have decided that we are spreading our talents too thinly over the three brands. As such, I have given complete creative control and final say of SmackDown! over to my Daughter Stephanie and HHH, and ECW will be controlled by my Son Shane, whilst me and Linda will retain control of my flagship programme Raw." Having remained quiet for the meeting, Linda finally spoke up. " We have all wrote a short brief on how we would like our brands to be run and will be emailing them to all staff later today. We all have our own idea's and are looking for people who share our vision. We will consider any current member of staff for any position if they portray the passion and desire for it we are looking for. Thankyou." Everybody filed out of the meeting room not quite sure what to make of the announcement. Some feared wholesale firings. Other saw it as a fresh start. One thing was for sure, things were about to change...
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