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Sasso's Media Mod

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[SIZE="2"][center][IMG]http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h48/ClubberSasso/MediaMod.png[/IMG] [B]Backstory/Setup: It is July 2008, 1:03 pm. In the heart of New York City Detective Elliot Stabler and Detective Olivia Benson are investigating a child kidnapping. We are now in another time, another place, another dimension. We are now somewhere Los Angeles and an alien creature, a 'Predator', is on the prowl. It is now 1:30 in New York City. The sunny summer sky turns gray. The clouds begin to swirl uncontrollably. A bombardment of light rips through in clouds in NYC. In Los Angeles. Everything is incredibly bright. We are now in an unknown place. As Detective Benson and Stabler’s eyes readjust they see something fly overhead...someone...a man dressed in red and blue...swinging from a web. Elsewhere a computer is activated. We see it through it's POV. It scans the buldings and locks onto the alien 'Predator.' The HUD displays "Target Acquired; Proceed to Terminate." Something has gone horribly wrong... ...but what?[/b] --------------------------------------------------------------------- Info: Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Terminator fought the Predator? The Joker versus Scarface? How about Rambo against John McClaine? In my new mod you'll be able to finally see these epic battles--and choose their fate! This will be a mod that combines artistic/entertainment mediums such as film, television, and comic books into one massive mod. As of now the current worker count is 1,572. The current list of promotions is as follows.. Anime Comic Books Fan Films Film Internet Music Television Video Games If you have any ideas for any workers that fall into those categories please let me know. The same goes for any new promotion ideas. [b]A side note:[/b] The poster of Rocky v.s. the Aliens wasn't actually meant to tie in with my setup for the mod, it's just a coincidence. The Rocky poster is the first of a few posters I'll be making depicting various characters in the mod fighting each other. I thought the whole Rocky/Alien thing would be fairly funny. Especially with me keeping the original tagline[/center][/SIZE]
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