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Question and advice?

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Hi folks, First of all, I'm just wondering how the AI handles events for new promotions? I've just added a couple in and was going to give them some events to go on too, but realised I can't. Will the AI simply assign random events such as "Wrestling Federation in March"? ----- Also, a bit of advice on the booking/storyline front. I'm currently running a long-term storyline where a heel tag-team join forces with a heel-stable to make both sides even stronger. After a while however, it emerges that the alliance had more to do with the stable leader and one-half of the tag team, and that whilst the other-half went along with it originally, he isn't really happy being in said stable. After a while longer, tensions to begin to rise and rise until the unhappy half of the tag team breaks away from the stable, turns face and, after a feud with his former partner, heads off on a big push. Now, I'm just thinking about the 'blow off' angle, where said worker finally turns face and I've got two options: Either, have the stable turn on him, attacking him in the ring and leaving him for dead, thus making the guy a face via fan sympathy and giving him a motivation for revenge whilst also (hopefully) getting some good heat on the stable. Or: Play an angle where the stable are in the ring beating down an enemy and the soon-to-turn worker is holding a steel chair. The stable leader and his tag team partner urge him to attack their enemy, but instead, he lays out the stable and rescues the enemy, thus turning him face via, I don't know, heroic actions and doing the right thing and getting him more over on the grounds that he can take out the stable. If you were running this storyline, which would you use?
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