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2008 Real World Mod

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I decided I would have a go at making my own Real World Mod. It will be based on the start of July 2008. I have never made one of these before but will do my best to make it accurate. I will post updates often and hopefully release an early version of it soon so people can give some suggestions. [B]Current Mod Status Currently Working on: WWE Next Promotion: TNA Alter Egos: 10 Angles: 0 Dojo Graduates: 0 Dojos: 0 Events: 9 Gimmicks: 0 Hall of Immortals: 0 Injuries: 0 Locations: 0 Match Types: 101 Move Sets: 6 Moves: 53 PPV Agreements: 1 PPV Carriers: 0 Promotion Pacts: 0 Promotions: 2 Stables: 2 Start Injuries: 1 Storylines: 17 Teams: 16 Title Lineage: 10 Titles: 9 TV Networks: 18 TV Show Slots: 5 TV Shows: 4 User Characters: 1 Worker Relations: 12 Workers: 106[/B]
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