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The following reviews of TEW08 have been published so far.


Online Onslaught (9\10): "...the leap from TEW 07 to TEW 08 is the biggest it’s made since the jump from EWR. The changes that have been made are almost all improvements and everything has been handled with a clear intelligence and care."


Diehard GameFAN "I can only recommend Total Extreme Wrestling with my highest esteem. I can think of no better way to kill an hour or twelve." (Plus: read their follow up comments here)


Ripten (8\10): "...Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 remains an addictive and satisfying challenge for anyone interested in stamping their own personality on the cartoon world of professional wrestling."


Game Zone (7.8\10): "If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to run your own wrestling company you must check out Total Extreme Wrestling"


Operation Sports (8\10): "TEW 2008 is currently one of my most played games. This game is not just for the wrestling die hards as I have not followed professional wrestling is over a decade. TEW really pulls you in and gives you that "one-more-turn" (in this case, card) feeling. It is a well designed, deep game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys text sims."


Total Wrestling Net: "Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 is a challenging, stimulating and above all, entertaining management simulator that tries to recreate the reality of what is essentially a simulation of reality in itself: pro wrestling."


If you know of reviews we've missed, please let us know.

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