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I have played through two first months...as Jack Avatar, i started unemployed and started my own promotion in the Gret-Lakes region, almost an ROH style promotion but with more emphasis on high speed lucha flying action, almost ROH meets CZCW.... I started up as regional (medium new promotion) and found out at the end of the month that i was in a regional war against NYCW,and PSW....I beat PSW with ease, except NYCW beat me!!!!! of all the promotions to lose to... anyway, i started a new game again same product settings and many of the same workers....i then hired some of NYCW's main men, ie. Steve Flash, Black Hat Bailey and Grandmaster Phunk and being that i had slightly higher prestige, knowing they would chose me over NYCW ran a show on the same day as theirs...the result, I kicked their ASS in the resulting end of month regional battle results. My conclusion, playing dirty is awesome, i didnt even use Black Hat Bailey or Grandmaster Phunk. Anyone else have similar stories?
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