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Angles rated on menace

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From the development journal: [quote] [B]#97: Menacing Wrestlers [/B] With the change from Looks to Sex Appeal, as described earlier, there has been a corresponding change to angles. A new rating category has been added called Menace - as you'd expect, this is virtually a male-version of the Sex Appeal rating, in that it allows someone to be rated entirely on their presence (much in the same way that the "T-shirt firing" angles can be run to utilise pretty-but-untalented women). This allows some classic parts of wrestling - the menacing bodyguard standing in the background of an interview, the silent monster heel glaring at the camera as his manager talks - to be simulated properly. [/quote] I must be missing something, but I can't find any angles that are rated on menace in the cornellverse database; actually I can't find "menace" as an entry in the "rated on" drop down box when I try to book an angle. Would be glad if somebody could shed some light on this for me ...
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