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I'm in the same coat as Ragin Cajun -- college football season is getting me hungry for a new game, so I broke out TCY. What always gets me about TCY is that I can look at the overall current/future number for two guys, but when I look at their player cards, it's quite possible that the guy with lower current and future numbers could have higher current and future numbers in EVERY skill! So what's right, the overall number, or the player card? But I digress. I was thinking it would be nice if we could emulate seeing these guys play in practice. I want to see my guys doing things on the field. I want to see how they do in wind sprints, how hard they're hitting the tackling dummy, how much they're paying attention to film. But most importantly, I want scrimmages. I want to split my team in two and have them run some plays against each other. That way, I can evaluate players performance without having to start blind until the first game -- this seems especially important with invisible ratings (which I'm very excited about).
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