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A few questions

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1. Will there be a PWI-esque Top 500 (or 200) available at the end of every year? I think it would be a neat feature, especially playing as a rookie and seeing if you can work your way up the rankings over time. 2. Concerning the moral decisions, is taking steroids or enhancements part of the choices? Maybe swapping looks and apperance (and in turn a bigger push) for a shorter career and more injuries. 3. Will you be able pick/suggest tag partners or will they be assigned to you? 4. I'm going to assume that if you start as a rookie your moveset will be somewhat limited and you'll have to improve and vary it over time. I'm guessing we won't see uber-rookies who are studs from the start. Is this correct? This looks like a great game. I'm sure more questions will pop into my head over the next few days.
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