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5 Star Angels

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SUNDAY, WEEK 3, MAY 2011 [COLOR="Blue"]"Please Kate, i would'nt ask if i wasnt desperate...You know that."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]"Listen Anne, i am flattered, honestly! It's just your asking a lot of me! I mean your money situation! Ill be honest with you Anne, im appauled that you've allowed it to get this bad! I mean you've lost Catherine, Wanda, Joanne and Suzanne in the space of a month because you cant pay them!"[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]"Dont you think i know that?! Listen to me Kate, i'm fu**ing desperate here. Anything you want to do with the promotion, its yours to do! I wont stop you, i saw what you did with 5-Star and the NOTBW womens division...i need you to do the same with AAA...and i know you have a score to settle with Sakurako and Umeko Karube."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]"What have those two got too do with this?"[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]"I know why you left 5-Star so abruptly Kate, word travels fast. You were well and truly stabbed in the back over there wernt you...?"[/COLOR] *** MONDAY, WEEK 3, MAY 2011 [COLOR="SeaGreen"]"So? How did it go?"[/COLOR] Alison Rush a.k.a Gorgon asks as Anne Stardust strides down to the ring, centred in an empty gym. Alison sits in her ring gear and wipes sweat from her brow as she breaks a practise headlock with her sparing partner Suzue Katayama. [COLOR="Blue"]"Ladies, i think our problems have been solved. Kate will be here by the next show."[/COLOR] Anne replied triumphantly as she clambered on to the ring apron. [COLOR="Black"]"Did she mention what she plans to do with us?"[/COLOR] Suzue asks with interest. [COLOR="Blue"]"I dont know ladies, she's 'brainstorming' some ideas for us. Whatever she says will have to go to be honest with you"[/COLOR] Anne replies, followed by a heavy sigh as she looks around the empty gym as though the next time shes in it, it wont ever be the same again. Out of her comfort zone. [COLOR="SeaGreen"]"As long as this doesnt turn into a war between us and 5-Star again, we can safely say we lost last time and Kate has bad blood with those lot. I dont want my career over there to be put at risk."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Black"]"What career is this? Floating around the lower midcard? Gettting jobbed out to the likes of Melody Cuthill and Fuyoko Higa?[/COLOR] [COLOR="SeaGreen"]"I was the first 5SSW Young Lion champion for your information...Just because your bitter they pushed Wanda into the main event scene without you all those years ago..."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]"Shut up the pair of you! What happened has happened, the only thing that matters is that we get AAA back on track and i have every confidence Kate can do that besides..."[/COLOR] *** SUNDAY, WEEK 3, MAY 2011 [COLOR="Red"]"Your probably wondering why ive invited you all round tonight"[/COLOR] I ask, as my Three best friends, Dragon Assassin, Melody Cuthill and Alicia Strong all nod in a puzzled agreement. [COLOR="red"]"Well, Anne Stardust contacted me last week and offered me the head booker position after Wanda left and i accepted."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Orange"]"You cant be serious! That place is going down faster than Dharma Gregg!"[/COLOR] Alicia exclaims to the ammusement of Melody and Assassin, i smile in a humouring way before continuing. [COLOR="Red"]"Well, thats exactley why ive invited you all over. Basically i need your help, badly. AAA has lost its main event roster in the space of a month and its full of dead weight that needs to be weeded out. Thats where you Three come in, the Four of us could carry that promotion on our backs and truly make something of our own! Dragon Assassin i know you got sick of 5-Star and left. Melody you STILL havent been given the push you deserve over there after how many years over their? You cant fued with Lauren Easter in NOTBW forever. And Alicia, i know i was the one that hired your from USPW when i was 5-Stars head booker with the promise of greatness way back in '08, and i am sorry that you only had one short title reign, but as we both found out, as long as Sensational & the other mainstays are there we arnt going to get a decent shot."[/COLOR] *** 4 hours of debate later and i close the door on Melody as she bids farewell as she jumps into her cab with Alicia as they go and catch their flight to Japan for their next few tour dates with 5-Star with a lot on their mind. I know i may of played a bit dirty with my closest friends just then, but i need a solid roster around me to rebuild whats been lost. And i know for a fact Anne is still smarting after losing to Sakurako in the scramble to snatch up as much talent and become the leading womens promotion in the world...Hell even im still hurting after what they did to me...i want revenge too...and if i have to play a bit dirty to get the talent i need, then, its only karma isnt it?
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