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So, I was wondering. I haven't been keeping a close tie on what NYCW's product use to be all together (Despite knowing that they have been known for slowed down traditional wrestling), however, I was wondering what has changed with this years product? In the company's bio says: "In recent years, perhaps with The Stomper's iron-grip on the promotion starting to loosen as he approaches retirement, NYCW has begun to show signs of moving forward a little, with a few more angles and high-risk moves popping up from time to time. Whether The Stomper's eventual retirement will see the promotion fully embrace this slightly new direction remains to be seen." So, I take it that their modern levels use to not be at "low"? It seems that the company is going through a change right now and that makes it seem much more interesting to me as I'm trying to find a smaller company to start a new game with and "build them up". Anyways, Just thought I'd ask those who are NYCW enthusiasts to see if there has been any substantial change to their product since last year? Also, does their owner allow you to make some slight changes (Some are more liberal than others). Thank you!!
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