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ECW: Building a Brand

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[FONT="Century Gothic"][CENTER][IMG]http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g140/The_Krusher/Renders/ECWHDlogo.png[/IMG] No really backstory, i recently backed out of Togg's three way diary because i simply didn't have the time to run the website and the 2 hour shows and such but i still want to keep a diary so have gone for a little ECW diary. This is present day diary and i can only use ECW superstars currently on the ECW page on the wwe.com except for 1 or 2 people i have drafted over from other brands. I'm gonna be signing people of course but try and sign people who the ECW brand could realistically sign. I am running just ECW because i deleted every one else from there contracts and got rid of Raw and Smackdown. I have also edited popularity to move it down to Cult. So be prepared because this means i have to put on 3 hour pay per views with my roster. but enough of this rubbish backstory =p let's get to booking going to post the roster below and then preview for first show and am starting at last week's ECW just after the Great American Bash. [U]ECW Roster (Heel's in Bold, Face's Underlined)[/U] [IMG]http://i35.tinypic.com/29lzjvr.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Mark_Henry.jpg[/IMG] [B]Mark Henry[/B] Extremists: [B]Bam Neely[/B] [U]The Boogeyman[/U] [B]Chavo Guerrero[/B] [U]Colin Delaney[/U] [B]Elijah Burke[/B] [U]Evan Bourne Finlay[/U] [B]Hardcore Holly[/B] [U]Hornswoggle[/U] [B]John Morrison Lena Yada Mark Henry[/B] [U]Matt Hardy[/U] [B]Mike Knox[/B] [B]Nunzio Robbie McAllister Rory McAllister[/B] [U]Stevie Richards Super Crazy[/U] [B]The Miz[/B] [U]Tommy Dreamer Val Venis[/U] Announcers: Joey Styles Tazz General Manager: [U]Thedeore Long[/U] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v630/e_r/7086324.jpg[/IMG] [FONT="Arial"][B][U]ECW on Sci-Fi Preview[/U][/CENTER] At the Great American Bash Mark Henry regained his ECW World Title by successfully defending it against Tommy Dreamer, Tonight the search for the New Number 1 Contender is on in a huge Triple Threat Match. Matt Hardy versus Finlay versus John Morrison with the winning going on to Summerslam to face Mark Henry. Also in action. In an Extreme Rules match Tommy Dreamer battles Chavo Guerrero. The Debuting Val Venis will team up with the impressive Evan Bourne to take on Elijah Burke and a returning Hardcore Holly. Finally Armando Estrada will be in action and Teddy Long has an annoucement to make regarding Summerslam. All this and more this week on ECW on Sci-Fi. Matt Hardy vs Finlay vs John Morrison Tommy Dreamer vs Chavo Guerrero Evan Bourne & Val Venis vs Elijah Burke & Hardcore Holly Armando Estrada vs ?????? [/B][/FONT] [/FONT]
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